Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Worlds In Collision

WORLDS IN COLLISION is an investigation of Filipino American culture and creativity as a model of hybridity, a way to examine colonial histories, and a means to explore contemporary phenomena such as transnationalism and globalization. This course is a survey of Filipino American artistic production, looking primarily at visual art, but also other forms of creative expression. It provides the historic context for Philippine colonial history starting in 1521, continuing through the development of Philippine-U.S. relations, and concluding with a focus on the contemporary Filipino American experience here in the U.S.

We will address Filipino creative projects and their relation to colonial history, immigration history, generational conflict, racial identity formation in the US, resistance and other forms of protest. We will examine multiple modes of, and strategies for, representation.

Some of the questions we will address are: How has the colonial relationship/immigration history of the Philippines and the US informed a Filipino American artistic/creative voice? What is the Filipino American creative voice, and what is it saying? How do Filipino American artists navigate/negotiate their place within the mainstream community, art community, cultural community?

Through journals, essays, blog posts and arts projects and a final presentation, we will draw our own parallels and associations between colonial histories and contexts, contemporary artists, and our own relationship to Filipino American Arts Exploration as both writers and makers ourselves.

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